Wyatt was born on May 9, 2002 after a very difficult delivery. Within the first 24 hours of his life, he coded and had to be air-lifted to the NICU in Sioux Falls, SD. I was unable to accompany him. That was the one of the worst days of my life not being able to be with him. But, if he wouldn't have gone, he may not be with us today. Since then, Wyatt has had an amazing will to overcome soo many hurdles. He continues to inspire people everyday with the twinkle in his eye and infectious smile.
Our wish for Wyatt is to keep that strength and to continue building on it throughout his life.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Be A Fan Of Courage!

I am finally taking a few minutes to update everyone on our great weekend in Minneapolis! Wyatt had a very busy, memorable day. We started out with a 5k walk. We headed out of the Courage Center parking lot and ended up at the new Target Field. Once we arrived, the kids had fun dancing with mascots, getting autographs from Twins players and eating a ton of food. Wyatt received his 'Be A Fan of Courage' Award from MN Twins player, JJ Harding and his family. The emotions were very high - we were told once that Wy may never walk and he just finished a 5k - talk about courage!!!

After the ceremony, we went to get a little rest before the baseball game. Once we arrived back at Target Field, we were escorted to the playing field and waited for Wy's opportunity to go to the dugout. Once we got to the field, Wy and mom got to go in the dugout and dad had to stay back with Whitney & Waylon :-( Whit was pretty upset until TC (Twins mascot) came by and hoisted her up and played with her for quite some time. I do have to say that all the people we encountered from the Mn Twins, they were all very kid-friendly and went out of their way. In the dugout, Wyatt met Adam - the official bat boy! He again was great! Wyatt got to help take the first ball and the rosen bag to the pitcher's mound before the game with Adam and 'chat' with a few players and even the manager, Ron Gardenhire took time to thank Wyatt for being there. Wy had a great time in the dugout! After all of that, we were escorted to our seats and sat back to watch the Twins beat the Mariners!

Everyone from the Courage Center and MN Twins were absolutely fabulous and made sure that Wyatt had a very special day - thank you to everyone!

PS - Team: A Wish 4 Wyatt raised over $3,000 for the Courage Center - Yeah Team!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Minnesota Twins . . . Here He Comes!

Amazing news came to us early this week - Wyatt was nominated for an award sponsored by KARE 11, MN Twins, Courage Center, Dairy Queen and some other companies and WON! The award is called "Be a Fan of Courage" and he was nominated by one of his teachers, Mrs. Sue Baker.

Here is what she wrote titled, "My Hero":
"The little person that shows enormous courage every day is one of my special needs students - Wyatt! When he was born there were complications at birth and his right side is very impaired. He was also left unable to speak but through using some sign language, gestures, facial expressions and his GoTalk, the little guy gets his needs met!! He engages everyone he meets with a smile from ear to ear! He never gives up! His parents give him every opportunity life has to offer. He recently was given a special bicycle and we wondered if he would be able to pedal...The first night he rode it, he rode for over 1 hour non-stop with the biggest smile on his face you've ever seen. (I have a picture!) He is very athletic throwing balls with his left hand - he is accurate and strong! I love this little guy because he gives 100% to every situation and along the way takes us all with him. I have taught Special Education for 15 years and this little guy is and always will be close to my heart!! I want to nominate him because he defines courage in a way I never knew before. Go, Wyatt!!!"

When we were contacted, we were told that Sue's letter overwhelmingly touched the hearts of the selection committee and they were happy to inform us that Wyatt had been selected as this years "Be a Fan of Courage Winner"!

So what does Wyatt receive as this year's winner?
1. One year worth of Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen - yum!!
2. He get’s to throw out the FIRST PITCH at the Minnesota Twins Game on Saturday, July 31st.

The Courage Center is also hosting a 5k Walk, Run, Stroll that same morning. We are asking friends and family to help Wyatt and his family "give-back" to the organizations that have sponsored this award. If you are able to join us for the walk - great! If not, you can still support Wyatt by sponsoring him with a general donation. Remember, every little bit will help.

Our team name is 'A Wish 4 Wyatt'. You may register for the walk or make your general donation at:

Go Twins!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friday, July 2nd

This is our last day in Germany before we start our journey back to Minnesota. Wyatt woke up hungry and full of energy. Thank goodness his side effects were short lived. All in all the trip went very well and now we just need to be patient and continue working with Wyatt to ensure that he can continue to thrive and make the most of his latest procedure.
We decided to spend our last day on the Rhine River. This was one of our favorite spots in Dusseldorf during our last trip. It was a beautiful day and we decided to take a two hour trip on the river.

The tower behind Grandpa is called the Rhine Tower. This is a communication tower and was built in the late 70's. Part of the tower is open to the public and has a restaurant. Beings I am not to fond of heights, we did not venture to the top. Maybe next time?!

The bridge structures along the Rhine are amazing and look like pieces of artwork - very cool!

Once we got back from the trip on the river, we sat at an outside cafe and watched the soccer game. Wyatt loved this as well and you can see him dancing after Holland scored!

We ended the day by walking through Alt Stadt (Old Town) to do some last minute souvenior hunting. Wyatt is an amazing little boy and I feel so lucky to be his mom. He teaches me many things everyday and my wish for him is that I can do the same for him. Afterall, it is the least I can do . . . .

Time to catch up . . .

Wyatt's re-implantation procedure was set for July 1st, 2010. Dwight stayed close by every step of the way which helped keep Wyatt (& mom) calm. Once Wyatt was put under and I made it back out to the waiting room, the procedure took a mere 6 minutes for the doctor. I was amazed on how quick they work, we were on the next floor in the recovery room within another 10 minutes.

I am so thankful that I brought Wyatt's DVD player and some of his favorite movies. The longer that he can stay still, the quicker that he should recover from the anesthesia.

Some of the side effects that are possible are headache, vomiting and leg pain. When we were in the hospital, Wyatt ate very good and kept everything down. Once we were discharged, I wanted Wyatt to get some more rest in our hotel room. He rested for just a bit and was getting antsy. We decided to take a bus and do a little shopping. He started complaining of a headache and kept grabbing his leg. A few minutes later he threw up. I ended up carrying him back to the hotel (whew!) and that's were we stayed until the morning. He is such a little trooper!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day Three . . . .

We started the day off with breakfast on the terrace of our hotel - the boys took the opportunity to kick back and relax!
Today we had therapy services and it went very well. The doctor told Wyatt that he "was brilliant"! They video taped him on a treadmill and was able to mark his steps, stride and gait - very interesting to see. The therapists would like us to come back for a very intensive 2-week therapy session to focus on his speech and balance. I will have to discuss this with Danny once we get back and also talk about a third treatment if we see some positive results from the second.

After that we decided to go and tour the Benrath Palace, which was about a 20-minute train ride. The palace was amazing and we had a nice quiet, leisure afternoon. Once we were done there, we went back to our hotel and ate at a nearby Greek restuarant. The food was very good. We were all ready to make it a short evening and get some rest before Wyatt's big day tomorrow.

Day 2 at the XCell Center

Wyatt and I were picked up for our appointment for his stem-cell extraction and proceeded to the clinic. Just like any other clinic - hurry up and wait. They were running an hour behind and just when I was running out of ideas to entertain Wyatt, it was his turn. We were gowned up and off to the collection site. After getting the IV in and many tears, Wy fell asleep very fast in my arms. I was escorted out of the area and the Doctors started their procedure while I waited. After a mere 15 minutes, Wyatt was wheeled out of the OR and we were off to the recovery room. There we were with a family that we met from NJ - actually a Japanese family that lives in the US. It was very nice to have someone to have near by that is going through the same journey. I have met other families from Yemen and Denver as well and hope to continue the realtionship as we all hope for progress with our children. We are all trying to do the same thing for our children - provide them with every possible option in the world to make their life that much better.
Once in recovery, Wy woke up mad and crying. He was pulling at the IV and wanted it out NOW. I asked a nurse to get it out his way or it would be Wy's way. Once the IV came out, Wyatt settled down and I was able to get him to eat and drink. That is a sign that he is ready to be discharged.
Once we got back to our room, Wyatt was ready for a nap. We were woken by our two world travelers returning from Paris. Wy was so excited to see Grandpa and Dwight, so we all got ready to go and eat at Schumachers Brewery - Sehr Gut!! Wyatt ate a ton and that made me feel very good. After our home-style meal, it was off to bed.

Monday, June 28, 2010

After 15 hours of travel . . . we finally made it!

The trip to Dusseldorf went very well, but very long. We were able to get a little sleep on the plane, but not much. Wyatt did great, like always.

We settled into our hotel and took a nap. The sound of honking horns and crazy soccer fans woke us outside of our room. Once we made it to the streets, we were able to witness first-hand on how the Europeans take soccer so serious. We walked through the streets and took it all in - Wyatt covered his ears several times because it was really noisy.

We made it to the Rhine River and found a quiet restaurant to have something to eat. A stroll along the river lead us to an outdoor flea market. Wyatt spotted the trampoline immediately and had to try it. He loved it and didn't want to get down. Once we got back to the hotel room, Wyatt took a bath and was sleeping in no time. I had to wake him in the morning.

Grandpa and Dwight left this morning with no place in particular to go - they just told me that they would be back by tomorrow night - how cool is that!

Wyatt had his first appointment today. We met with both of his doctor's and did lots of paperwork. His next appointment is tomorrow and will be when they with draw his stem cells. Then on Wednesday, we go back for a consult with several therapists for the doctors to video tape Wyatt. This is something new that they have started. The tape will provide us a visual to use for comparision purposes in case we come back for a third treatment. Thursday will be his last day at the doctor and is when his cells will be re-implanted.
Well, so far so good. Everything is going fine. Time to get Wyatt settled in for a little nap before we go out for the evening.